When we stand together there are no limits

WiLD is characterized by generosity and breadth of acumen and experience. It includes members from the top of the Life Science industry with significant board and management experience, but also members who are top specialists in their field and new leaders in the industry.


The purpose of the network is to support the value creation in Danish Life Science by leveraging and promoting diversity of talent at the executive and senior specialist levels, in both corporate and academic organisations.

With this network, women with influence within Danish Life Science will seek to increase diversity at the senior level for the benefit of society and companies. Specifically, Women in Life Science Denmark aim to:

  1. Unfold the full talent potential in the Life Sciences by increasing diversity and inclusiveness
  2. Increase visibility of female role models and their paths within Life Sciences and in the greater society
  3. Contribute to value creation through professional knowledge sharing and networking

Our values

Breadth of acumen and experience
Women in Life Science

Expert Panel

We are proud to have members from the top of the Life Science industry. If you wish to be part of our Expert Panel within different areas within the Life Science Industry.

Ph.d., Partner Eir Ventures

• Diversity within Life Science
• Political framework conditions
• Tech Transfer and start-ups
• Scaling and internalization

Helle Busck Fensvig

Investor Nordic Female Founders, NOME Mentor

• Management and Diversity
• Finance and Investment
• Strategy
• Transformation and Scaling

Board of Directors

We are fortunate to boast a passionate and dedicated Board of Directors, all of whom bring to the table a wealth of expertise and a wide array of skills stemming from their extensive backgrounds in the Life Science and Biotech sector.